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10 ways to start Living Well; Dinacharya

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

Ayurveda utilizes healthy practices in a daily routine (Dinacharya). Follow these tips for the basics.

1. Rise with the Sun; Rest with the Dark:

In Ayurveda rising with the Sun is a way of aligning with natures rhythms. It sets the stage for attuning to appropriate energies to support your body, energy, spirit, and wellness throughout the day. Many a devoted yogi will aim to rise way before the sun, perhaps around 4 am in order to get all their practices in. Often this results in depleted energy and low Ojas. For some it will work fine and they will have steady natural energy all day. For others it may lead to burnout or exhaustion. So be honest with yourself, if you are reaching for coffee or other stimulants to stay awake and energized through the day, it might be time to let yourself sleep a little more, especially in late autumn and winter when the days are shorter.

2. Hydrate:

After arising and relieving your bladder, Drink approx 16oz room temperature or warmer water. Continue to hydrate throughout the day as you get thirsty

Add Lemon? Why not cold water? click here

3. Get Outside in the early morning sun for at least 10-20 mins

This will help set your circadian rhythms along with rising with the Sun. The sunlight on your skin and eyes releases natural, healthy amounts of cortisol for sustained energy throughout the day. If you aren't able to get out right away, aim to schedule your morning break as a walk in the sun. Try it in leu of seeking out and waiting in line for a cup of coffee for 1-2 week and see how it changes your sense of well being

4. Sweat daily:

For clearing your channels and detoxing. Ideally this happens with movement (exercise) in the sunshine in the morning. If not possible, or you like to exercise longer, it is fine later in the day, just be aware of overexertion.

5. Breathe Well:

For healthy prana, body energy, we need healthy air and breathing. At the least, consciously take 3 deep breaths 3 times Daily you might do this before meals and/or set a timer on your phone to incorporate it throughout your work day to revive energy and relieve stress. For more Pranayama techniques for good, happy, steady energy; click here

6. Carve out time for self Reflection:

In the morning aim to journal 5 mins minimum, recall dreams, how you feel, check in with your body, and set intentions for the day. Write them as if they are already happening. ie "I enjoy feeling abundantly loving and loved today." At the end of the day remind yourself you are Perfectly Imperfect: Write down 3 positive successes at the end of the day and 3 things you are grateful for. Try daily morning and/or evening meditations as well.

7. Shower/Bath:

Seems obvious, but in Ayurveda, this usually happens in the morning before you eat. It washes away heavy, tired energy (Tamas) acquired during sleep. Bathing before eating is recommended, because after eating our energies should be focused and available for digestion. Bating draws energy outwards to the skin.

8. Eat well; Digest Well:

Another seemingly obvious focus. Choose healthful, seasonal, organic, fresh foods as much as possible. In Ayurveda, we recommend eating mostly cooked food. Only those with the strongest digestion and health can tolerate raw foods. In addition to healthy food choices, Ayurveda offers important eating guidelines, including:

Avoid eating when you are not hungry

Avoid overeating/under eating

Healthy Food Combining, click here

Engage in regular, consistent Eating Routines and Habits, click here

9. Engage in healthy relationships and connections:

As humans, we are not meant to engage in life alone. if you work alone or at home, it is especially important to find ways to connect with others each day. In addition to taking cues from nature, we rely on each other for cues for healthy rhythms. Yawning for example helps a group tune into healthy sleep cycles. Laughter is contagious and builds feelings of joy, is shown to reduce stress hormones and release endorphins for pain relief. Hugs release oxytocin, the feel good social bonding hormone.

10. Sleep Well:

Make sleep a priority and set healthy boundaries around your sleep schedule

Go to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday

Avoid screen time 1 hour before bed

Sleep in a dark room; black out curtains

Use ear plugs if you are sound sensitive

Try a weighted blanket if you have a hard time relaxing or are prone to worry

Journal or read a calming or funny book before bed to help you relax

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