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Integrative Wellness Packages
& Stand Alone Services

Get in touch today and start taking control of your life and well-being with effective consulting and treatments.  Check out the Integrative Package plans for great savings when you invest in a wellness plan that suits you. 

Ayurveda and Vedic Services

Ayurvedic Consultation:

Gain understanding of body/mind/spirit wellness through Ayurveda's unique lense. Begin to learn predominate  Dosha(s)  influencing your energy system & state of health. Implement lifestyle, diet & herbal recommendations to attain optimal health and happiness. 

 Initial Evaluation: 75-90 min - $125-$150

Intake, Assessment, & Foot Marma Treatment  (75 min version has shortened foot treatment time)

 Follow-Up Visit:  55 min - $85

Includes Check-in & A 30 min treatment

Jyotisha and Hasta Samudrika

Vedic Astrology and Palm Reading

 Initial Reading: 75-90 min - $150

 Follow-Up Visit:  55 min - $85

Vastu Consultation

Home Design and placement of rooms and furnishings to ensure the optimal energy flow in your home to support abundance, health, and positive relating. 

 Initial Reading:  In Home - $200

 Follow-Up Visit:  In Home- $120

 Ayurvedic Treatments 

Abhyanga Massage-  

85 min - $125 / 55 min - $95

Use herbarized, warm oil for a nourishing & deeply relaxing full body experience designed to assist with  balancing your bodily energies (doshas) & reseting your nervous system.

Shirodara-  45 min - $85

Warm Oil poured over your 3rd eye to assist with calming your mind and enlivening your senses.  Includes foot/scalp/ear massage.


Nasya  -    30 min -$45

Herbalized Oil treatment for your nasal passages to open up and lubricate the sinuses for improved air flow and allergy relief.  Includes marma point stimulation on feet, ears and face.

Marma Point Massage: - 55 min - $85

Uses tuning forks to stimulate and open energies points, similar to acupressure. 

Integrative Care Plans

Individual and Family Care Packages  are a great way to implement multiple services to address individual and family wellness goals.  Individual care plans would include one initial evaluation/ consultation to create a care plan based on your individual needs. The therapist can recommend which services to do and when for a streamlined wellness plan, or you can book any integrative service when you feel in need.

In a family care plan, sessions can be used as initial consultations with a shortened treatment time or any follow-up treatment for any family member. You may use all 4 sessions in one day, one week, or spread them out over the month. This is a great value and  there is a lot of flexibility with this plan. 

Craniosacral Therapy-CST

Experience this gentle yet profound hands on technique that works with the connective tissue and craniosacral rhythm to assist with releasing physical and emotional restrictions and holding patterns. This results in  helping you work through acute or chronic pain as well as stored emotions that may or may not be holding you back.  CST can address headaches, concussion recovery, bodily pain, stress, and more. 

Initial Visit:  85 min - $125

Follow-Up Session:  55 min - $85


Rest and relax as you experience universal life force energy used to assist in the flow of energy in your system and move  and release energy blockages in your body and mind. Reiki is often integrated into a CST session. 

85 Minute Session- $125

55 Minute Session: - $85

Occupational Therapy 

This is a self pay option for those without in-network insurance.

Choose an OT services for yourself or a family member to work on your goals for living your best life. This can address a combination or variety of motor skills, building strength and coordination,  cognitive functioning, sensory integration, or social-emotional skills. OTs specialize in helping you achieve optimal independence with self care, home care, community mobility, work, school, leisure, sleep and rest. 

Initial Evaluation: $165

Follow-up Visits: $85

 Integrative Care Package Options/Pricing

Individual Package Options

Package of 4-85 min sessions:

Includes Any Initial visit combination followed by  any extended follow-up combination treatment. (i.e.. CST+Abhyanga).

 $475.00 ---10% Savings

Package of 4-55 min sessionsSave 10% +

Includes any one initial consultation and 3  follow-up visit treatment options.  For example get an Ayurvedic Consut, 2 Abhyanga Massages, and 1 CST;: $326.00

Package of 8- 55 min sessions: Save 15%

( Could include 1 Initial Visit plus 7 follow up visits: Includes any  follow-up Visit treatment option   Integrated Ayurveda follow and CST visit: $ 575.00

Individual or Family Care Memberships

Best Value- 30% Savings

$225/monthly/4 -50 min sessions/month*

$130/monthly/2-50 min sessions/month*

  *Sessions may be carried over each month, but must be used within two months from carry over month. Must commit to 3 months, after that may cancel anytime. 


What Our Clients Say

M. D. , Client

The family care integrative plan has definitely been one of the best investments I have made in my families health. We have learned so much about how to care for ourselves individually and each other.  
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